A Foodie’s Bucket List: Easter in Austin 2015

This eater will be spending Easter in Austin, and anytime I return to Texas I make a bucket list of the food and drink I need to have. While I love living in Chicago, there are some things the Windy City cannot compete with Texas, so I have to make the most of every trip back home. Here goes with the Easter in Austin 2015 Foodie Bucket List:

  • Sour cream enchiladas and a margarita at El Arroyo’s
  • Barbecue (already on the schedule)
  • Breakfast tacos
  • Torchy’s tacos and queso
  • Shiner (rare in Chicago)
  • Lone Star (nearly impossible to find in Chicago), preferably bottle so I can solve the riddle in the cap
  • Deep-fried Easter turkey

I will only be in Austin for 48 hours, but this list is totally doable. Let’s go, Lone Star State.


4 thoughts on “A Foodie’s Bucket List: Easter in Austin 2015

  1. Nice list! I’m passing through Austin this weekend but only for one day and having trouble deciding which places to eat at (there are so many I want to try!) so this narrowed list is helpful.


    • Glad to help! Torchy’s queso has a dollop of guacamole in the middle, making it that much more amazing. Also, breakfast tacos can come from anywhere, but my aunt always gets them from a stand at a gas station on her way to my grandma’s house.


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