A Foodie’s Bucket List: How I did in Austin for Easter


  • Sour cream enchiladas and a margarita at El Arroyo’s
  • Barbecue – The Salt Grass BBQ ribs
  • Torchy’s tacos and queso
  • Shiner


  • Breakfast tacos
  • Lone Star
  • Deep-fried Easter turkey

Total 4/7

Over half isn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t a banner weekend for this foodie. I missed out on breakfast tacos, Lone Star and the deep-fried Easter turkey. The last of these wasn’t my fault though. My uncle stopped deep-frying a turkey on Easter years ago and did not reinstate it for my Easter return.

On the bright side, the BBQ ribs from Salt Grass literally fell off the bone, and Shiner never disappoints. From Torchy’s, the Democrat taco (shredded beef barbacoa topped With fresh avocado, queso fresco, cilantro, onions & a wedge of lime) was adequate since the barbacoa didn’t have as much flavor as normal. The Torchy’s queso with a dollop of guacamole in the middle was on point! The queso part was a nice low sizzle on the heat scale, and the guac added a nice creamy texture and taste to it. As for the sour cream enchiladas at El Arroyo, the queso verde sauce was disappointing, and I wished I got two of the sour cream sauce.

BONUS: Thirsty Goat beer by Thirsty Planet Brewery in Austin

Thirsty Planet

My uncle bought some of this American-style amber ale at a fundraiser in Austin. It definitely had a deep flavor that was very malty and grainy. Not my usual pick, but it was nice to try an Austin original craft beer.


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